21 February 2016

Wasps stings – symptoms, treatment, and remedy

Our qualified technical team at Service King recently helped us in the removal of wasp colony in West Auckland. We would like to share our expert’s […]
11 October 2017
Audit ready anytime - Service King

Let us help you be audit ready!

11 October 2017

Don’t let the flies ruin your summer comfort

It’s that time of year again when the days get longer and hotter but also the pests that disappeared make an unwelcome return. Flies are one […]
11 October 2017

Dealing with the buzzing pests of Summer

With the cold days behind us and daylight savings just around the corner, the long kiwi summer is so close you can taste it. It’s so […]
11 October 2017

Win, win, win!

We are pleased to introduce Service King Rewards! As a small business, we do not have the budget to spend on complicated and sophisticated rewards systems […]
11 October 2017
Service King

Merry – Bright – Easy

Hi there, My name is Vick Sharma from Service King – the Improvement Team. I have an amazing offer that you can’t refuse because it will truly […]
11 October 2017
Vick Sharma at Service King

Elevator Pitch

Every business owner strives to create a purpose for their business, a so-called elevator pitch. It is the hardest thing to do when offering a wide […]
11 October 2017
Garden care tips by Service King

5 things to do while maintaining your garden during winter

Just like on our skin, the winter has a drastic effect on our plants. But with a little extra love and care, you can make sure […]
11 October 2017
Steam mopping by Service King

Learn From These Mistakes Before You Do Steam Mopping

As a floor care professional, I have maintained and refurbished floors for the past 20 years. Last week I went to assess a project, unfortunately, the floor […]