11 October 2017
Audit ready anytime - Service King

Let us help you be audit ready!

11 October 2017

Win, win, win!

We are pleased to introduce Service King Rewards! As a small business, we do not have the budget to spend on complicated and sophisticated rewards systems […]
11 October 2017
Service King

Merry – Bright – Easy

Hi there, My name is Vick Sharma from Service King – the Improvement Team. I have an amazing offer that you can’t refuse because it will truly […]
11 October 2017
Vick Sharma at Service King

Elevator Pitch

Every business owner strives to create a purpose for their business, a so-called elevator pitch. It is the hardest thing to do when offering a wide […]
12 October 2017
Sixth sense consultation by Service King

Is your cleaning Sixth-Sense verified?

At Service King we believe their’s more to Cleaning than, wipe, dust, vacuum, remove, repeat. That clean is more than just ‘everything in its right place’. It’s […]
12 October 2017
Auckland zoo

My ten years at Auckland ZOO

Auckland Zoo is a fascinating and humanly social place and after volunteering there for 10 years, I would like to share some of my experiences with […]
12 October 2017
Commercial cleaning by Service King

Growing to greatness

Service King is a highly respected business in the commercial cleaning industry and in the overall business landscape of New Zealand. It was no small task […]
13 October 2017
All for happy customers

Offline brand management isn’t dead

A well designed and effective online brand presence is absolutely key these days of modern business. It’s so important that it can sometimes even feels like […]
13 October 2017
Worklife balance

Tips for a healthier well-being, simply by leaving work at work

A healthy well-being is all about balance. In our hectic modern work world, so many of us fail to get that balance quite right, and the […]