Is your cleaning Sixth-Sense verified?

Sixth sense consultation by Service King

At Service King we believe their’s more to Cleaning than, wipe, dust, vacuum, remove, repeat. That clean is more than just ‘everything in its right place’. It’s a place where everything feels just right.

We call that feeling the 6th Sense.

It’s clean, redefined.

We understand time is more crucial than money, therefore, we have created processes to save us both time whiling maximising the achievements. We know your needs may be different than others, so we customise our cleaning services to match your needs before the commencement of every account, working with you to make sure we are working together to create the greatest level of efficiency for your business.

Choosing the right cleaner may seem simple at first but the wrong choice can be costly.

The selection of a cleaner just based on low prices most often isn’t the best way to go in this competitive and risky environment and it may mean being stuck with an unprofessional provider for a long time.

A small business doesn’t have to accept a service provider who doesn’t offer them the adequate cleaning solutions. Just because they are small and Service King knows this.

Service King is here to help and we mean it, this is a partnership and when we win, we win together.

Experience our integrated 6th sense approach!

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