Dealing with the buzzing pests of Summer

With the cold days behind us and daylight savings just around the corner, the long kiwi summer is so close you can taste it. It’s so easy to romanticise the coming summer months that it’s often simple to forget the nasty creatures that come with the heat. Most horrific of all are droning black flies that are a seemingly ever-present nuisance in your home and workspace. From house flies to bloat flies, these pests all pose a threat to daily hygiene. Flies carry numerous, easily transferable diseases, so employing a few simple methods to minimise flies in your home and workspace is a must to keep you healthy over the summer months.

Flies like to hang around in our homes and workplaces as there is usually good access to food and breeding sites. A good tip to push them out is to shift the air currents by opening windows and changing the lighting in areas to be brighter.

The tips for getting flies out of the house may be helpful but you really don’t want them there in the first place. To ensure flies don’t take up residence in your life, first clear all possible breeding sites. Bug spray around bins and compost, along with clearing of all dirty waterways will be the best ways to stop this.

To keep flies away, make sure all food is covered and stored properly; this will also help with food hygiene. To further prevent flies entering your home, use a long-lasting bug spray on the surfaces in which they’re likely to land.

It takes only a week for the life cycle of a fly to reach adult age, so a vigilant eye is required to keep them away. However, repeating these few steps will keep these pests away and your family healthy all summer long.