Don’t let the flies ruin your summer comfort

It’s that time of year again when the days get longer and hotter but also the pests that disappeared make an unwelcome return. Flies are one of the most annoying pests over the hotter months with none being more unwelcome than the fruit fly.

Funny playful young woman in checkered shirt holding halves of citrus fruits against her eyes and making duck face over yellow background

The fruit fly, also known as the vinegar or drain flies are common over the summer months and are attracted to rotting fruit or stale beer and wine. They have a rapid gestation period and are strongly attracted to water sources for their breeding sites. As they grow so quickly and their breeding sites are so common in kiwi households, extra care must be put in to make sure these mass-producing pests are kept at bay.

A good tip to keep them away is by mixing apple cider vinegar with a few drops of dish soap and putting it far away from your house, such as in the back of your garden. This tip, however, doesn’t completely solve the problem and a few steps should be put in place to totally assure these pests don’t ruin your summer comfort.

To ensure fruit flies don’t get the better of your household, always keep counters as clean as possible; fruit flies love crumbs or spilt drinks. Keeping your fruit contained helps immensely too; make sure to wash and cover all of your fruit to stop the spread of these nasty pests.

Most importantly, however, is to destroy any and all potential breeding sites for fruit flies. The best way to do this is by pouring bleach down drains and covering all draining areas outside your home.

Keeping on top of these few things will mean, no annoying pests bothering you and your family over the long summer months.

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