Vick Sharma at Service King

Every business owner strives to create a purpose for their business, a so-called elevator pitch.

It is the hardest thing to do when offering a wide range of services to various segments, but it is important. It must be right & perfectly describe who we are. People spend thousands to employ creative writers to develop a one-line phrase to describe their business.

I have been in the service industry for the past twenty years, each time I have created a one-liner, it was challenged. Once again I was back to square one. But it was always in the back of my mind that I had to deal with this unfinished business.

This morning as my wife & I were walking our dog at Unitec grounds in the early hours, I was, in fact, admiring their well-lit new building.

Suddenly, I think I found that perfect pitch for Service King, what it has stood for over the last twenty years. It felt right, I don’t even have to work towards the meaning of this pitch as we are already doing it.

I resisted the immediate temptation to share my thoughts on Facebook, using my mobile phone their & then.

Then I thought, I should exclusively share this with my friends on LinkedIn because every business needs an elevator pitch.

So… it is!

‘The Improvement People’

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