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Hi there,

My name is Vick Sharma from Service King – the Improvement Team.

I have an amazing offer that you can’t refuse because it will truly save you lots of time and disappointments. I Guarantee it.

The Problem:

Due to a huge construction and building boom, all tradespeople are either busy in long-term projects or they have moved onto something else. This has created an acute shortage of tradespeople in the maintenance sector, you may have experienced this already.

You can’t find people when you need them thus you are relying on cowboys, who may or may not provide you with value for your investment, only if they show up.


Service King has been committed to the maintenance sector for the past 20 years and has the resources for your needs if you invite us. I have selected a special combo deal exclusively for your segment and this is valid for the remaining 2017, but you need to hurry.

Invite us to an obligation free quote for any of the services below for your next end of the term services.

We time & plan all services, so you don’t have to open & close your building several times to provide access to different people. After the completion of the last service, we secure the building & return the keys back to you at no extra cost.

This is time-saving for you.

Promo: Valid during 2017

Free pest control

If you find we have to come back & treat a pest problem again 6 months after our initial service, then we will do one for free, provided you have selected at least three services from our list including Pest control.

Peace of mind assured

Fixed price guarantee

We will lock in your approved prices for the next two years, so no increase. Now this is a great offer, don’t you think…?

Simply complete the form below & we will contact you for an obligation free quote.

Claim your convenience NOW!


Vick Sharma