12 October 2017
workspace cleaning by Service King

5 reasons to hire professionals for your commercial cleaning needs

With the hectic nature of the business world always finding ways to overload your plate, the last thing you want to have to think about is […]
12 October 2017
contract cleaning by service king

Contract cleaning can save you money, if you are hiring the right people

Contract Cleaning can save you money if you are hiring the right people It is often the case small companies that those who are hesitant to […]
12 October 2017
Commercial cleaning by Service King

Growing to greatness

Service King is a highly respected business in the commercial cleaning industry and in the overall business landscape of New Zealand. It was no small task […]
12 October 2017
Service King values

A value in everyone

Service King holds many strong values from offering exceptional cleaning services, an unmatched level efficiency, employee growth programmes, commitment to customer satisfaction or pushing for the […]
12 October 2017
Service King corporate values

Always improving your value

The words Service King and professionalism are one in the same and with the incomparable level of quality and efficiency that comes with everything they do, […]
12 October 2017
Service King

Always pushing to be better

Service King has grown into such success by offering a wide range of services that are always completed to a level of quality not found anywhere […]
12 October 2017
One stop shop - Service King

Everything under one roof

Service King offers customers superb commercial cleaning services and other essential services that are always a class above the rest, all across Auckland, Service King is […]
12 October 2017

Determined to meet your needs

Service King maintains the belief that a job worth doing is a job worth doing well and that this is especially the case when clients are […]
12 October 2017
All for happy customers

A purpose to serve

Whether its carpet cleaning, I.T hygiene, pest control, recycling, residential cleaning or any of the other multitude of cleaning services available from Service King, their purpose […]