floor care

11 October 2017
Steam mopping by Service King

Learn From These Mistakes Before You Do Steam Mopping

As a floor care professional, I have maintained and refurbished floors for the past 20 years. Last week I went to assess a project, unfortunately, the floor […]
12 October 2017
How to clean marble floors

Precious tips to get you better at Marble Floor Cleaning

Who doesn’t feel a sense of achievement when their marble floors shine in the daylight! But if you’re struggling with cleaning or reading for new methods, […]
13 October 2017
Floor care by Service King

How to Clean Spills on Marble Floors

Every proud owner of marble floors dread marble stains! After all, marble floors are the beauty of one’s home. Every stain is different and requires different types […]
13 October 2017
Wooden floor care by Service King

Maintaining Your Hardwood Floor’s Shine

You’ve recently had your wooden floors polished by a professional but as days pass, does it look like its back to being scruffy and losing its shine? […]
13 October 2017
Wooden floor care by Service King

Floor polishing and floor care services – specialist and experienced

Keeping hard floor areas well maintained increases the durability and the life of those surfaces, and prevents slippery floors. Regular floor maintenance is recommended by Work […]