Carpet Cleaning Auckland

Carpet Cleaning Auckland

If you’ve got a stained carpet, we can help. We use nontoxic enzyme cleaning technology to clean carpets which can clean any substance out there whether it’s organic, chemical based or grease.

Our carpet cleaning Auckland experts know the best methods to clean your carpet, making it look good and fresh again. Our technology doesn’t just pick up stains, it also cleans and picks up any pollutants or dirt that may be embedded deep in the carpet. Due to the active ingredients, it continues to work after the work is completed.

Below mentioned are some of the services which are widely offered in NZ.

Dry Carpet Clean
Dry cleaning is one of the most known methods used in carpet cleaning Auckland. It is a practical, time-saving and reliable process, and it doesn’t need time for drying. This dry technique has no usage of water, and therefore, this cleaning method is widely used in the winter season. The dry-cleaning solution relies on chemicals and agitation to remove the deep-rooted dirt and stains from the carpet.

Steam Carpet Clean
This technique is famous among New Zealanders. In this carpet cleaning technique, high temperature and high-pressure water is used to dissolve the dust and convulse the fibers in the carpet. We use high-end equipment with high pressure extractor to clean the carpets, and then the carpet is left to dry. Steam Cleaning is widely recognised as the most effective method to clean carpets to the highest standard.

Shampooing the Carpet
This technique is commonly used in carpet cleaning in NZ. It’s the most traditional and authentic method which can remove some soil, dirt, dust, and germs from the carpet. It’s a more budget option best for those not wishing to eliminating heavy dirt from the carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Auckland
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How long does it take for carpets to dry after cleaning?

Proven methods, superior equipment and hot water extraction, or steam cleaning will dry the carpet within a few hours for normal use. You may use the carpet soon after it is cleaned without wearing shoes. It is recommended to open the windows for proper ventilation.

How often should you have your carpets professionally cleaned?

Your carpet acts as an indoor air filter inside the property, therefore it should be cleaned at least once a year. High traffic areas with children should be cleaned on a six-monthly basis.

Will carpet cleaning kill fleas?

To kill the infestation, we recommend a two-step process.

  1. Use an approved pest controller to spray for fleas or use DIY flea bombs, this will kill the adult fleas and their eggs.
  2. Then use a professional carpet cleaner or, The Rug Doctor with a hot water extraction and a strong vacuum to completely remove the dead adult fleas & larva eggs. 

Can professional carpet cleaners remove cat urine smell?

While not all types of odours require carpet cleaning services, Odour from cat urine is possible with professional carpet cleaning techniques, which neutralise the alkalinity of uric acid in cats’ urine. However, this may take some time after the service to completely eradicate the cat pee smell after the content is removed.

A Healthy Home & Clean Indoor Air

A major benefit to getting your carpets cleaned is that your home will be much healthier. If you have young children or toddlers who are crawling and playing on the carpet, it’s a very good idea to have it cleaned. Carpets contain a bunch of pollutants, dirt, dust and allergens, that can make their way into the air, which can cause respiratory and sinus issues. Frequent carpet cleaning is must where a family member has asthma problems.

New Home Smell

Carpets are the biggest furnishings in a home. Any stains, spills or dirt that’s in the carpet, over time, will start to smell. After coming home from work, you’ll notice a remarkable difference if your carpet is clean, and the house will smell fresher. Odours are generally difficult to remove on their own, so it pays to rely on a professional to remove the damp and unclean smells that linger in the air.

Hire The Best Carpet Cleaner

Regularly cleaned carpets look better and last longer as compared to the carpets that are rarely cleaned. Cleaning removes the dust and oil from the carpets. Most of us clean our carpets daily with the help of a vacuum cleaner. However to clean your carpet effectively, enhance the ambiance of your home and maintain healthier carpet that will last longer and feel softer, you need a professional to clean your carpet, With our exclusive carpet cleaning machine, it’s designed to tackle light commercial and residential cleaning with great results making it a great investment.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

When was the last time you deeply sanitized and cleaned your carpet? If you don’t remember then surely, it’s been too long. Carpets should be cleaned every 6 months to 12 months and even sooner than this if they encounter daily high-level dust particles.

Many homeowners neglect the idea of paying for a professional when they can buy a vacuum cleaner at lower prices from a departmental store and do clean their carpet by themselves. But the fact is DIY cleaning cannot override the benefits of professional clean.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner has many advantages that DIY cleaning or vacuum cleaners don’t have. Save yourself from frustrating and labor-intensive carpet cleaning by hiring a professional carpet cleaner in NZ.

Benefits of Cleaning the Carpet Professionally

Service King Carpet cleaning has numerous advantages ranging from improving the appearance of your carpet, maintaining health, to increasing the longevity of your carpet. Needless to say, our professional services can offer even more!

Increases the Life of Carpet
One highlighted benefit of a professional carpet cleaner is that it expands the life of your carpet. With time, dust, dirt, allergens and other debris penetrate into the carpet which can cause the fibres to deteriorate and split. Our procedure uses hot water extraction effectively to remove the dirt from the fibres deeply, and then the result is sanitized and properly cleaned carpet.

Removes Carpet Stains
Vacuum cleaning is easy as compared to professional carpet cleaning. Unfortunately, vacuuming only removes the dirt from the surface of the carpet. Therefore, all the stains and debris remain embedded on the fibres of the carpet until they receive professional treatment. We can eliminate stains of coffee, ink, juice and other staining things from your carpet with our effective techniques.

Makes Environment Healthy
Dust and soil can trap in the fibres of your carpet and can find their way to the air where they can cause respiratory problems, allergies and other health issues. The hot water method used by Service King Cleaning can kill off the bacteria and leaves the carpet surface thoroughly sanitized.

Creates Beautiful Appearance of House
If you don’t clean the carpet within a year, it can give an outdated and dirty look to your house. Professional cleaning of the carpet can not only remove the debris from fibres but can also improve the appearance of the home.


We’ve used Service King for around six years now and would highly recommend them as a commercial cleaning company. They do all our basic office cleaning daily and have all bases covered when it comes to keeping our premises looking great. We use them for internal and external window cleaning, carpet cleaning; everything right down to waterblasting our pavements. Service King provides a great service, that’s why we’ve been with them so long. And their pricing; it’s very competitive.


We are very happy with your service and work! We never need to worry about the cleaning when we come in Monday morning because we know that it is clean and everything has been done.



I will definitely be recommending Service King – your service has been the best amongst all my properties!


Bayfield School

“Service King has just undertaken considerable vinyl floor maintenance at Bayfield School as part of our annual property maintenance schedule. All work was carried out on time, within budget and to the required specifications. We are very pleased with the results of Service King’s’ workmanship and would be happy to recommend them.”.


We are more than happy with Service King. We think they are awesome. Service King supplied us with a lady who is on site eight hours a day overseeing our three large kitchens. We also have two other cleaners who come in twice a day and fulfil all the duties you’d expect of a commercial cleaner. They all do a great job. They are totally reliable and trustworthy. If they are asked to do anything outside of their regular duties they are more than happy to do it – they really go the extra mile. And, if they can’t do something, they arrange for other suppliers to come in and do it. Not that that happens very often; it seems Service King’s cleaners can do almost anything

H2R Consulting

“Service King have been amazing right from the get go. The customer service is great and the cleaning even better! Any little extras we need done – Service King is onto it efficiently with constant contact throughout. Highly recommend them.”

Kate Heslop

Helen Hewitt

I was happy with the work carried out and it met my expectations, the end result was very good.Yes I would use you again and would recommend your service to others.


We’ve found Service King a great company to work with and would recommend them to others. They are always here on time and at the same time and so we know when to expect them. They do a good job and are prompt in dealing with any issues we might have. You can’t ask for much more from a cleaning company. As I’ve already said, I’d recommend them to anyone wanting good cleaning and good service

New Zealand Blood Service

New Zealand Blood Service have used Service King as our commercial cleaners for around three years. What surprises us most is that the service gets better and better. When we started using Service King, the first task for Vick and the team was to source a clinical grade cleaning product that would suit our situation. Being a medical facility, cleanliness is paramount. Vick’s knowledge of cleaning, and cleaning products, meant the perfect solution was found for us. Since then, we’ve continued to be more than satisfied. For me, one of the most important things has been the excellent communication between us and Service King. This is what we found most lacking in other cleaning companies, but not Service King. If there are things we need to know about products or matters relating to our cleaning Service King are always contactable – I can always rely on a speedy response to an email or a call, to remedy any issue. And, what’s more, the feedback is two way. If the cleaners notice anything in our workplace that they think we need to know about, they let us know and give recommendations to resolve the situation. Service King never fail to deliver and, as time goes on, we are more and more impressed.

South Pacific Pictures

From the onset of our booking, the staff at Service King were very attentive, and broke down wide variety of services that were on offer. As we had been filming at residential properties over the winter period, we chose the carpet steam cleaning service which was both affordable and provided a thorough clean. The cleaners were scheduled right away, with quotes and booking reminder emails following shortly after. It was great to be able to meet the Managing Director, who understands the importance of quality work, value and satisfied customers. The cleaners themselves on both our jobs were great, and being self directed allowed us to continue with work undisturbed, which is vital in the film industry. They contacted us before their arrival, to run through what needed to be done, and they property owners commented on their excellent job with the carpets. I would highly recommend the Service King crew to businesses and personal users alike.

Aimee Russell

Tefler Young

Thank you for the quote. Very impressed with the clean-up of the loft area yesterday.


Tiritiri Matangi

A big thanks to Vick Sharma, manager of Service King, who donated his time and materials to strip, seal and polish the vinyl floors in the stitchbird room in the implement room and the flooring throughout the bach. These floors have never been properly treated since they were installed and were very difficult to clean. Now, with the newly polished surface, they are easily cleaned and both Barbara and Ian are pleased with the results.


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