Professional hedge cutting services

Revamp your home and garden from ordinary to spectacular with clean cut or shapely hedges. Regular hedge trimming can be a feat – time, tools, equipment and dedication are essential for hedge upkeep. This is where we can help! You can count on our hedge cutting services team to do the job (and do it right!) with quality workmanship. Our business ethos is to deliver exceptional results.

We provide a complete hedge trimming service

Leave your shrub and hedge maintenance jobs to us! Throughout the year we are available to cut back or shape up hedges that need a tidy. Whether it be griselinia, michelia figo, photinia, whatever the hedge we can do it. 

Regular hedge trimming is recommended once or twice a year, but depending on the type of foliage, thrice a year can be sufficient. This keeps your hedge or shrubbery looking its best. Most pruning can be done from the ground using extendable equipment, however, large hedges can be hazardous with ladders and specialist hedge trimmer equipment required. No matter the shape, size we can provide a complete and quality service.

Hedge trimming benefits

Hedges are a great option creating a natural boundary for privacy, keeping out noise, pollution or wind. We take these factors into consideration when looking at the overall goal you have for your hedge.

A good hedge is also aesthetically pleasing, more sustainable and environmentally-friendly than manufactured fences. A tight hedge or well placed topiary looks smart and sophisticated and adds value to your home. 

With this in mind, we can match our equipment and expertise to the expectations you have for your hedge. We’ll pick up and take the clippings with us leaving the site clean and tidy. From start to finish, you won’t have to worry about a thing!

Overgrown hedges?

Are your hedges overgrown or needing a reshape? We can trim them back or shape as you desire with quality workmanship.

Lacking privacy?

Can the neighbours see straight through your patchy hedge? Increase hedge density with regular trimming.

Selling up?

Boost roadside aesthetic and property value with manicured hedges or topiary.

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