Think about how often you use your keyboard or mouse. How regularly do you wash your hands before coming into the office and starting to work at the computer? In hotdesk environments, multiple people are touching the very same equipment as you. 

Now, consider how much bacteria accumulates on work devices you use every day. Dirty keyboards can be sticky and full of dust or food particles. Photocopiers and printers can pose a greater threat – infections can be spread between team members and onwards. Taking a sick day is unpleasant and disruptive, especially if multiple employees get sick due to one touchpoint.

With our service, you can enjoy clean keyboards, computer screens, laptops, and desk phones. Not only will these electronics be in better working order but also more hygienic, fresher and more pleasant to use. Shared devices can be sanitised to eliminate cross-contamination. With your health in mind, we only use non-toxic disinfectants. 

Give our expert team a call to discuss business needs, IT assets and number of staff. We can build IT hygiene services into your regular cleaning plan, or scheduled visits. we can calculate the necessary frequency that works for you and your business. Efficient and affordable, you can trust us to sanitise your computers, and more!

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