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It makes sense to kept your IT / Computer equipment clean. It looks better, people treat it better, it lasts longer, and you’ll keep your workforce healthier.

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What is IT hygiene? And why do I need it?

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Think about how often you use your keyboard or mouse. How regularly do you wipe your screen with your hand? Now consider how many bacteria might be on those items.

IT cleanliness is very important in the workplace and at home, because it helps reduce the spread of infection that can cause your staff and family to get sick.

At Service King, we take care of all your IT hygiene needs. We know that keeping your staff and family healthy and happy is of the utmost importance, which is why we use effective, non-toxic disinfectants. We can build IT cleaning into your regular cleaning plan, or schedule regular IT cleaning visits.

Give our expert team a call to discuss your business, its IT assets and number of staff. From there we can calculate the frequency of your IT cleaning to ensure your cleaning plan meets all your business needs.

Our IT equipment cleaning service includes:

  • Computer keyboard cleaning
  • Computer mouse cleaning
  • Laptop computer cleaning
  • Telephone cleaning and sterilising
  • Photocopier and fax / scanner cleaning
  • Any communally used surface

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