Pest Control Services


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Pest Control Services

Protect your merchandise and edible stock

The pest control services that we provide in Auckland include the removal of all kinds of pests from your business such as:

  • Rodents, like mice, pests, etc
  • Poisonous and non-poisonous spiders
  • Cockroaches and other insects
  • Bugs and other several insecticides

Following these removals, we can also pest-proof your property via a Pest Management Plan.

Businesses that store, distribute, prepare, or serve food are responsible to control pests.

Pest infestations pose risks to human health in regard to their carrying disease. Such bacteria and viruses can also cause illness  maybe even death.

Further risks of a pest infestation include reputational damage, property damage, damage to staff morale and even prosecution and closure.

As such, it is vitally important for all businesses that handle, store or serve food to actively prevent pest infestations in order to maintain a high standard of food safety and to protect customers, staff and reputation.

Making a pest control checklist for the food industry is one way to ensure you are taking adequate pest control provisions and comply with the law.

Fly spray infestation elimination extermination pest control
Fly spray infestation elimination extermination pest control
Fly spray infestation elimination extermination pest control

Hire The Qualified Pest Controller

Pest control practitioners are qualified, licensed and vetted by Pest Management Association of New Zealand. Ongoing training & refresher courses to upskill is the norm in New Zealand. You can learn more here

We offer one-off – request or programmed service schedules to meet the needs of your industry and obligations.

We cover:

  • Commercial premises
  • Food storage warehouses
  • Distribution centres
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Superette
  • Takeaway bars
  • Residential

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Cockroaches in the Office?

Cockroaches being the most common pests can easily infiltrate your office, and there is nothing more disturbing than coming to the office and having a sight of cockroaches having their quality time on your computer, in your desks and on the kitchen counter. This situation decreases your overall productivity and efficiency.

Cockroaches are capable and proficient in contaminating your office items and food. They pass on different bacteria that may become dangerous to your health. They survive best to worst weather conditions, which is the worst part. However, you do not have to worry!

At Service King, we have developed an effective solution for every cleaning requirement. You can get rid of these unpleasant and stinky insects by opting for our pest control services.

Besides, being a person who is fed up with devastating pest invasion, there are some preventive measures that you must take to keep cockroaches out of the house. Following are the preventive measures that you can take to control cockroach infestation:

● Clean your office daily, especially the kitchen area
● Dispense out all the unwanted clutter from your office
● Repair and fix all plumbing and sewage related issues
● Keep food covered and out of moist environments
● Proper garbage and waste disposal
● and contact Service King for help

Measures to get rid of cockroaches:

The remedies that you can use to prevent infestation of cockroaches are:

● Use roach traps
● Roach baits
● Insecticides
● Liquid concentrated sprays

However, if your problems still remain, calling professional Service King pest control services to get rid of the cockroaches inside your office and commercial complex is what you might consider.

Client Reviews

We are very happy with your service and work! We never need to worry about the cleaning when we come in Monday morning because we know that it is clean and everything has been done.

I will definitely be recommending Service King – your service has been the best amongst all my properties!


“Service King have been amazing right from the get go. The customer service is great and the cleaning even better! Any little extras we need done – Service King is onto it efficiently with constant contact throughout. Highly recommend them.”

Bed Bug Treatment

Coming up home after enjoying a calming and relaxing holiday only to find out bed bugs laid everywhere in your house is just a nightmare to come true! Also, getting rid of them can be a lot more frustrating as they spread unevenly through your luggage, couches, used clothing and bed linens. They also consider themselves at home in mattresses, bed frames and carpets. They can easily bite people at night since they are nocturnal creatures. They devour the blood of humans and other warm-blooded animals.

As they are resistant to a variety of pesticides and difficult to locate, elimination of bed bugs is a very tiresome process. Therefore, it is a sensible decision to call out a professional pest control service for treatment of bed bug infestation. At Service King, Along with offering quality pest control services, our experts also provide effective solutions to prevent their invasions.

Some of the remedial measures that you can opt to treat bed bugs include:

● Clean all the goods that you are suspicious of containing bed bugs like your bedsheets, clothes and curtains with hot water and dry them on the highest setting
● Vacuum and brush out the mattress seams to get rid of the bedbugs and their eggs
● Dispose all the trash, cardboard boxes and clutter from your house
● Other measures include chemical treatment to get rid of bedbugs

To help you in eradicating your bed bug problem, you can get professional help by contacting us if you reside in Auckland and wish to try our Pest Control Services.

Rodent Control

The first thing you think of is giant rats when you hear of rodents. Rodents are the main carriers of some devastating and scary human diseases and parasites such as ticks and fleas. Opt for Service King’s pest control Auckland service to get an answer to your question of how you should be getting rid of those scary giants. We are specializing in deployment of state-of-the-art infestation methods to control rats infestation in your home. Our professionals make a thorough inspection of your house before tailoring and suggesting an effective rodent control solution. Also, our rodent control service providers are certified and authenticated with NZQA and deploy pest control techniques that are considered safe for residential and commercial usage.

Along with that, you can follow these tips and tricks to get rid of these horrendous pests:

● Avoid everything that attracts the rodents
● There should be no overgrowth of grass in yards
● Keep track of the yard and grass
● Seal spaces that might function as doors or entrances
● Use bait and traps to get rid of them
● Cut off their food source

Spraying for Spiders

The most feared pests that you might want to get rid of your home are spiders. If spiders have invaded your home and you want to get rid of them, Service King’s pest control Auckland service has got your back.

Auckland is a host to different types of spiders that may or may not be poisonous. Due to the large population of pests in the area, Pest control in Auckland is a bit difficult to perform effectively. Our team of pest control professionals possess specialized skills and techniques along with using modern equipment to eradicate spiders from your house.

Besides, to prevent these horrid creatures from entering your house, you need to take the following preventive measures:

● Seal your doors and windows and thoroughly clean your house
● Clean the exterior of your house, clear out the garden and shed areas to prevent the spiders from entering inside
● Spiders can be resisted by putting spider repelling scents such as citrus, lavender or cinnamon scents
● Get rid of all the other insects from your house because the food source of spiders is insects; they attract the spiders in your home
● You can prevent the welcoming of spiders by growing some plants in your house such as eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender. Their strong scent repels spiders
● Use spider sprays to avoid spiders

Pest Proofing

The concept of pest proofing is to seal the areas where probable invasion from pests is suspected. Although it looks simple and easy, it will be evaluated from certain previews. The interior build and life of the building, external environment such as land next to you is a garbage dump or rubber tree plantation, or whether it’s for your office, all such factors matter the most to support the evaluation process.

Our team can provide you with a typical property inspection to understand your cleaning needs and requirements. Upon proper evaluation, we will provide you with some guidelines so that you are able to carry out effective proofing measures. We have comprehensive experience of regulatory standards of different commercial and auditing benchmarks to better support you.

Service King works on such strict grounds that it is hardly possible for the pests to return after proper pest control procedures. Our professional team of members are highly trained to terminate all entry points that could eventually be allowing pests into your workspace. On a sad note, without productive pest proofing, complete eradication of pests cannot be guaranteed and the chances of reinfestation increases. Service King ensures that pest-proofing procedure is carried properly at your workspace, giving you the best chance at a pest-free work environment.

Pest – Fly Infestation

Notice cockroaches, flies, or any other rodents lurking in your office or warehouse?

Chances are, if it’s getting colder, these pests will be heading into warmer areas.

This includes your commercial space. These pests find little nooks and crannies where they can nest for the winter. They are not the best sight to see, although they can be harmless, your stock (kitchen/stationery supplies) can be affected. if you’re seeing more and more pests each day, they are probably multiplying, so it’s best to get rid of them quick.

Let’s face it, a fly infestation is pretty gross. They’re a nuisance and the buzzing sound can drive you crazy. They can multiply very fast and some fly species can mature in seven days from egg to adults. If there are a lot around your home or commercial space, this can become a major problem. Flies can transmit a wide range of diseases such as Salmonella and E. coli which you don’t want around your family or work colleagues. We can find the source of the infestation and eradicate the problem in your premises.

How to keep flies away?
● Ensure that all your doors and windows are closed
● Cover food and dispose of unused food properly. Food that flies go on can become contaminated and there is an underlying risk of spreading of bacteria and diseases. This also includes terminating any other food sources such as food spillages
● Do not leave any fruit open
● If you have pets, clean up after them and cover their food as well
● Throw out your garbage after proper sealing them

Building Washing

Our homes are the biggest investment we have and applying a regular soft wash and rinse makes the property look great, helps hold its value and reduces maintenance costs.

Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning Auckland experts know the best methods to clean your carpet, making it look good and fresh again. Due to the active ingredients, it continues to work after the work is completed.

Exterior Tiles Cleaning

Our tile and grout cleaning services can give your tiles that colour and shine again. You’ll notice a remarkable difference straight away and you’ll be wondering why you haven’t done it earlier!

Flat Pack Assembly Service

You have just brought or are considering buying something that requires assembly; and even with written instructions, kit set assembly can often be hard, especially when we finally finish and realise, we have screws or bolts leftover!

Flea Treatment For house

With the change in season, extra adventuring and increased temperatures over the summer days, your furry friends often become exposed to irritable fleas, ticks or lice.

Marble FLoor Treatment

We use an eco-friendly and non toxic polish coating which means your floors won’t be filled with chemicals that could eventually degrade over time. If your office has a lot of foot traffic, this is a great addition to your floor

Upholstery Cleaning

Our team of trained experts are very knowledgeable, trained, and dedicated to using effective cleaning materials and procedures to provide industry leading results in regards to providing service of cleaning.

Flea Treatment For house

With the change in season, extra adventuring and increased temperatures over the summer days, your furry friends often become exposed to irritable fleas, ticks or lice.

Marble FLoor Treatment

We use an eco-friendly and non toxic polish coating which means your floors won’t be filled with chemicals that could eventually degrade over time. If your office has a lot of foot traffic, this is a great addition to your floor

Handyman Service

If you have a job around your house that needs more skills or time than you have, we have a team of Handymen with the skills and knowledge to take care of it for you.

House Cleaning

Moving out of a house can be a stressful time. There’s so much to do and the last thing you want to worry about is cleaning the house. We can take care of the cleaning for you to make moving that little bit less stressful.

Lawn Moving

We provide regular or one-off mowing depending on your needs. If your section is large or small and if you want it maintained once a week or fortnightly, we can provide you a tailored service which is suitable for your needs.

Kitset Assembly

The kitset needs to be assembled correctly for a better life for your home and office furniture. Simply contact us to book the assembly of your kitset furniture.

Oven & Rangehood

If your kitchen – especially your oven, is dirty with a buildup of old fat and grease, then it will influence the taste of your food. We can make your appliances look good again.

Section Clearing

Clearing a section can be challenging, especially if there is a lot of stuff that needs to go. Construction debris can be heavy and sometimes even dangerous to move; tree stumps and tree roots can also be a tough task.

Mattress Cleaning

We spend one third of our lives in bed, so why not have a proper cleaning of mattresses that they deserve. Our methods of cleaning make sure that any tough stains gets eradicated without disturbing the quality of the mattress.

Pest Control

As such, it is vitally important for all businesses that handle, store or serve food to actively prevent pest infestations in order to maintain a high standard of food safety and to protect customers, staff and reputation.

Test & Tag - Domestic

We continuously use many appliances in our house, but they are not tested for safety.We think they are safe, but how do we really know? Often, it’s when they cause harm to your or your family members that we realise that the appliance was not safe.