Professional Pest control services are carried out by insured, certified technicians.

Did you know insects are aware of a change in the weather before us humans? You may have noticed just before the cold weather reaches us, sometimes you will see pests such as cockroaches hanging around in carpet joins, behind ovens or on lamp shades. They are in fact preparing warmer spots for themselves for the coming cooler months.

They are pretty harmless. Getting rid of unwanted pests can be achieved by sucking them up in your vacuum cleaner. Make sure you empty your vacuum bag properly after each use!

Some insects may die during the colder months.

A commercial application for cockroaches is to leave bait stations behind ovens and dark areas. This will prevent them leaving eggs to increase their population. Keep the bait stations away from your kids and domestic animals.

For best results, always use qualified Pest Controllers. In New Zealand, Pest Controllers are required to gain an approved handler certificate – they know the right solution for your problem.

Some DIY pest control aids are also available in the shops or supermarket. Feel free to use them with caution and read the instructions before using any pesticides.

Feel free to contact our team for a customised solution. We are here to help!

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