Test & Tag – Domestic

We continuously use many appliances in our house, but they are not tested for safety.

We think they are safe, but how do we really know? Often, it’s when they cause harm to your or your family members that we realise that the appliance was not safe.

A person can get an electric shock through contact with an electrical current from a small household appliance, wall outlet, or extension cord. These shocks may cause severe trauma.

We have recently introduced this service due to customer requests.

It is cost effective and provides you with peace of mind.

Our trained technicians will visually inspect the appliance and attach a test & tag sticker for items that pass.

Failed items will be left with you to replace.

Book with us today before it is too late.

Note: Do not use any secondhand appliances without them being tested. It is better to buy only pre-tested appliances.

Worksafe guidelines for domestic appliances.


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What is Tagging and Testing?

It’s becoming essential to hire a technical team of experts for a routine inspection. A certified electrician inspects and works around your house periodically, ticking off each bit of equipment one by one and ensuring everything works in accordance with the health and safety guidelines. Based on the needs for readings they get, they take each appliance as if it is a fail or pass and then they provide you the results.

How often your residential space requires tagging and testing totally depends on your living space area. It could be anywhere from 3 months to 5 years. There are many factors that affect the term, so the best way is to get in touch with our professional Test & Tag Team.

Service King is the only company you require for your electrical services related issues – not just for commercial office areas, but also for homes. We have worked with several brands in the past, so you can count on our skillset and offering in handling your work.

Our commercial services are inclusive of:
● Lighting designs and layouts
● Project installation and certification
● Equipment testing
● In-house CAD operator offered CAD drawing services
● Standards compliance

Electrical Testing and Tagging Services

Safety is our No. 1 priority. At Service King’s Test & Tag, we are highly trained in electrical safety testing services and sustain electrical safety norms. You can trust us regarding the safety of your house and complain if you feel like doing so. Get in touch with us right now for our services that make sure your equipment and appliances are as secure as possible.

Our services can be accessed in places all over New Zealand. Simply contact our technician and he will offer excellent and efficient test and tagging services as suitable according to your needs.

Electrical safety test and tagging is the method by which electrical equipment and appliances are tested for safety as decided according to the AS/NZS3760 Benchmark. For construction, commercial, and demolition sites, we work by the law of the AS/NZS3012:2010. At Serving King’s Test and Tag, we use handy and portable tests & tag testers to check and test your equipment. We perform our work with the latest equipment and guarantee you that our testers are stabilized in order to attain the desirable and required results. We calibrate our tools and equipment periodically, unlike our competitors.

Regulations for Test and Tag  

We regulate the strict standards of the AS/NZS 3760 because we want your business to be as secure and safe as possible. If you by any chance fail to meet the test and tag regulations stipulated by our local government, you will face for sure the consequences.

If your actions result in a contravention, you could face a huge fine between $2000-$10,000. A commercial organization could be fined from $10,000-$50,000. (Electrical Safety Regulations 2010)

When you ask Service King’s Test & Tag to come and examine your electrical equipment, you not only increase the safety of your business – you protect yourself and your workspace from claims of negligence in the near future.

Residential ceiling wall cleaning home house
Residential ceiling wall cleaning home house
Residential ceiling wall cleaning home house