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Available In; Central Auckland, East Auckland, North Auckland, South Auckland, West Auckland
Control and eradicate bugs, spiders, ants, borer, fleas, bedbugs, cockroaches, flies , and vermin (rodents – rats and mice) from your home or workplace.

Got uninvited guests? Get pest control experts

Say goodbye to ants, cockroaches, fleas and vermin

You need pest control as you would not like to think about pests and rodents in your home or building and with Service King, you don’t have to! We are certified, experienced exterminators who can swiftly deal with all property pest issues. We understand the need for discretion and professionalism and all our techniques are approved by the Ministry for Primary Industries.

At Service King, we can deal with one-off pest issues quickly and easily or incorporate pest control into your wider custom cleaning plan.

Our qualified team will kick your ants, cockroaches, fleas, and vermin to the kerb and close the door so they can’t get back in. If something’s bugging you or your building, we’ll sort it out today. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

Service King best practice

We will begin the process of ridding your place of pests with an evaluation of your pest problem and a cost estimate.

The pest control products and techniques used by Service King are all MAF approved. We leave no stains; our operators are experienced, and our work guaranteed.

Techniques and Products

  • MAF approved
  • Leave no stains
  • Are safe, reliable and effective
  • Are used by experienced operators, and
  • Are guaranteed
  • Certified and Approved Handlers

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